StokerCon Photo Drop!

What a great year! I won the Scholarship from Hell and got to attend StokerCon in Denver. It was an experience I'll never forget and can't wait to attend in (gulp) Pittsburgh next year. Here's the photo drop: The Curtis Hotel-My room was on the 13th Floor...yay! I did a panelI did another panelI wore … Continue reading StokerCon Photo Drop!

Why Nine out of Ten is Never Enough

I have a pretty high work ethic. I like to give it my all period. If I don’t give 100%, then I’m unsatisfied. Needless to say, I shared this with some coworkers. We had a staff meeting-little staff meeting-and I said that I have 10 things that I like to do every day and if … Continue reading Why Nine out of Ten is Never Enough