What’s Been Up…

Hello. I’m back but only for a minute or two.

You see, I sprained my stupid wrist. At work. Picking up a book.

I’ve had some pain and stuff. Now, I feel like I’m back to full typing speed.

Sadly, I’m tapping out for a bit because I was accepted to a residency!! My first official residency is with “Under the Volcano”.

I’ll be back soon, I’ve gotta get everyone to be inspired by me in person and enrolling for my class, “Why Should I Keep Writing?”

Hell, why not go ahead and do it now? If you go to Midnight and Indigo, you can even get a discount. Don’t let my snarky wit and encouragement stay with only me. Allow me to carry you through the year. Well, this year. Well, for now.

go on and get the discount and join moi!

Here are the deets on the class:

When: Sunday, Jan 23, 2022

Where: Zoom

Time: 10a-12p ET | 7a-9a PT | 9a-11a CT

Check out registration and such at Midnight and Indigo (Support Black Women Writers!!)

I’m guessing I’ll see you guys in February. Who knows.

Thanks for stopping by!


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