what am I doing?

Hey kids! I’m on Medium now. Check out my fascinating works.

I mean, not like you can’t get enough of me.

works in progress

hoodoo duology-first novel introduces the family and aspects of hoodoo

second hoodoo novel will feature stories of spells from the family book of hoodoo

zombie apocalypse novella-a girl and her mother live in Washington, DC and are trying to get to a safety zone in Virginia. They move around and meet some interesting people along the way.

the Mandela effect-tries to show if a daughter can inherit madness and obsession from her father. (do not look at me like that! I know the answer! I have a minor degree in psychology!!)

another 80’s black Scooby Doo gang story-the kids find big rats in underground Cleveland

cult story about Pastor Pete/time travel story placement-after listening to a million podcasts about cults, I’ve come up with my own idea of a shiest cult leader and his match

second person pov story about revenge-childhood demons haunt a woman and she just wants to get revenge on the person that caused the demons

How to make yourself disappear. It’s gonna be interesting.

Wanna know what I’m reading?

This list will always change, never look for anything static unless you want to go to my goodreads page.