Letting Go and Releasing Things

This week was the week of the blood moon. Now, my mom and sisters follow all that, but I looked it up and saw that it is also the time to release things that serve no purpose to you. It goes like this “If you are clinging onto someone or something that you know is toxic in your life but you’re continuing with it for all the wrong reasons, take a hint from the skies and let it go.”

Thus, I released someone.

Now, it’s all about faith and belief, right? If I look around and choose to see that after I released this person that all things are going great, then that’s something right? Or maybe I choose to see that after this person is gone, things are better. Either way, it’s out of my hands and into the hands of the universe.

Hey buddy, help me out. I made a donation to your cause.

Onto bigger things…

Next week is my debut. My big huge ass debut of “Rootwork”. The book that I’ve been working on forever and editing and finally, I have pushed my last push-the baby is clean and dressed and ready to be photographed.

For those that need a refresher, here it is:

It is now official!

I’ve sent out copies. I’ve begged for reviews. Now, is the time for me to wait and see and hope that someone decides to make it into a movie. Wowzers. That would be nice. But in the interim, I’ll tell you a little secret-I’ve already finished Book Two. Maybe you wanna twist my arm for more info. You could even buy me a coffee for a clue. I’m open to anything at this point. Book Three is gonna be the stinger.

So, be kind-pick up the book, request it at your library and treat people how you want to be treated. I’m excited to share my work with you, dear reader and I want to thank you in advance for looking at this. I’ll probably add another post later to share what my latest exploits are-including-graduating with a degree in Creative Writing and Psychology cum laude!!

One more thing. I wrote this on Veteran’s Day, so all the vets that served, have a great day. That also includes my grandpas (I only have a picture of one of them). He was a really cool guy.

Jack Cross III-my grandfather and army veteran who didn’t like peeling potatoes.

I promise that I’ll see you soon.

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