Hot Links! Get Your Hot Links!

Song of the day (while I’m working) Space Cowboy (David Morales Classic Club Remix) by Jarmioquai

(Let me tell you something, if you are in a funk or need to work out-this dude has some really great bops. I’ve been on him forever, but now he’s making me want to dance!)

Here we are again…

This is the blog where I give you some swanky info that I’ve spent time looking up on Pinterest. That way, I can justify wasting the day and discover that we’ve learned something. Now, we will have lots of things to inspire us or just fall into random rabbit holes for the hell of it.

On with the show!

You ever know that person that swears they have perfect pitch and can play whatever they hear? Yeah, my ex husband was like that, only he was not perfect in any way. This guy is your man.

Why not write a story about a family, only the entire family has prosopagnosia and one member doesn’t. Should be interesting.

Did anyone ever look up the story about Michael Orchard rescuing a dog? I don’t know if I should laugh, but it is a bit funny.

What do you call a group of apes?

Who or what in the world is Jenny Haniver?

When a colonizer tells you to go back home. Show them this map and ask where they are standing.

What’s gonna happen in 2038? Get ready now and you can’t blame Homer Simpson…d’oh!

All I’m saying is Amazons exist. Now, there is no way I’m flattening my left breast to shoot better, but I’d be down for hanging out with them for awhile.

When I was younger, my little sister totally destroyed M. A. Cherry’s invention and got me and my cousins in a world of trouble.

Do you like mashed potatoes? Pie? Then, I think you should find out who Anna M. Mangin is.

Folks kill me acting like Karens are new. Nah, they’ve been around awhile.

And that’s ten things folks!! Keep an eye out for “Tracy’s Hot Links”. (sounds like a sausage.)


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