Hot Dog! I’m Back!!

It’s already Black Excellence Month and I have been busier than a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. I have to say that I am enjoying the journey that I am on in my writing world. So many great people have supported me and I’m about to drop a bomb with all my updates and everything. So, buckle up!

I attended an awesome residency at “Under the Volcano” with some really great people. My teacher was Sheree Renee Thomas and I have to say, she really opened my eyes to several things in my writing. Not to mention, my group knew about my work-without being sent it-and pretty much called me on my shit. I loved it all. If you can’t take criticism, you shouldn’t be in the business where critics will give you their opinions. When you are a writer-everyone has an opinion.

And…and…I was invited to Emerson College to speak to a class about me and my writing. I was super shocked because I always imagined that I was writing and my work was being stored in the ether somewhere. Like another planet, some kid will come across it and say, “This is really interesting!” Alas, that is not so! My blog posts on Medium were read and it was just truly interesting! Before I have to do anything, my body starts a shutting down process. It’s almost like “Kidneys? Super relaxed. Can’t hold any liquid.” Perfect. “Under arms? Caked with sweat! She’s full on dripping!” Excellent. “Heart? I’m giving it all I’ve got and she just can’t have it beat any faster. Her Fitbit is starting to flatline!” Fantastic.

Who is this smooth skinned girl talking to a class of Sci Fi folks. Oh, that’s me!!

Thus, I answered all the questions and went above and beyond to thank the professor and the class. Here’s to hoping she gets the class next year and I get to come back-Bigger, Better, Stronger!!

In this month of Black Excellence, I also taught a class called “Why Should I Keep Writing?” I was able to use my amateur psychology degree and experience to motivate people to keep writing. The best part of the class was watching when the light behind the students eyes lit up! It seemed like, “Oh! This part is the part I was waiting for!” It was interactive and nice to see such melanin in one place on a Sunday morning. Since it is Super Bowl Sunday, I didn’t expect to see anyone, honestly. Everyone has to get ready. (Side note-my neighbor had a party last night. It was that warm. And now, it’s been snowing all day. I’m rocking my pseudo uggs indoors because my feet are that cold!)

I rocked this class! I am excited and hope to teach it again this summer!

My wrist is so much better, so I’ve gotta get back on the whole posting thing. I’m just full of so much joy and happiness today, I can’t even! Doing laundry for my fashionista kid (for the 2.3 seconds I wore this, mom, I know it is dirty. Trust me.) and myself doesn’t feel burdensome.

And one of my favorite podcasts is back on the air-Casefile!

I’m giving all the blessings and receiving them too! Thanks for reading this dear reader and I’ll be back in a week to talk about my book.


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