I watched a horror film a day in October. I’m thinking I’ve got some issues with cats but I’m not a sociopath. Yeah, I actually started a few days before October, but hey, let's go: This is the list-if you want more detail-look further down: -The Entity (1982) October 1-Spiral-Shudder (2020) October 2-Welcome to Mercy … Continue reading Shocktober!

Shocktober or 30 Days of Paranoia

I shall profess my love for all things horror and watch a horror movie a day for the month of October. Why not 31? I have a reading and I’m reading my own horror, problem solved. Besides, we can’t go trick or treating. We really can’t do much in this pandemic and honestly, I don’t … Continue reading Shocktober or 30 Days of Paranoia