Because voodoo is awesome!

goofer dust good for what ails ya.

She will make a salt doll poppet with goofer dust to help her.

This is what I’ll be working on next-another short story but with voodoo and futuristic (oh, how am i gonna do that? insert devilish grin…I got a lot of shit on board)…aside from this book I’m writing about magic. I”m holding off on submissions until my mentorship is over. I’ve been getting some kick ass advice and I have a really great mentor.
I want to thank my friend John for looking over my short story with a guitarist because I only know what the internet gives me. And there are not that many articles out about what guitarists do etc.
Not to be cocky, but I’ve got a couple of winners. I feel it.
That’s all folks!

page one

they always say this is the first day of the rest of your life. so far, 2019 has had mixed blessings for me and I appreciate them all. when it comes to writing, i am doing super awesome. i have a kick ass editor and really great friends and a support network that is better than i thought.

so, here’s to good things for the rest of the year. here’s to me believing in myself and getting things done.

thanks for stopping by,