summer shorts

read my short about surviving the zombie apocalypse, “marnie’s story”

how about some Scarface and Japanese culture influenced work? Check out “A Piece of Good Luck“.

d’evolution z horror magazine

one of the stories i enjoyed a bit too much-“the crossroads demon” is here.

boston accent literary journal

read my interview, look at my face and read my story, “a piece of good luck”


a trilogy about three women handling the different ways the supernatural manifests in their day-to-day lives. A crossroads demon confesses her love for her job, an accountant reconciles books and witchcraft, and a sin eater face unexpected changes in her life while trying to reconcile her past and her new lover.

New American Legends

Are there monsters in the basement? Would you look if a little kid told you there were?

Dark Fire Fiction

I’m in the UK now. Yay! And yes, the monsters are still in the basement.

Midnight and Indigo (two short stories)

Yup. Still with the monsters…but check out the visual!

Tika Zika-If you don’t like to think about bugs, this is not for you.

Tales of the Lost Volume 2 and 3 Volume 2 is out now and available on Amazon!!

Things That Go Bump in the Night by Sez Publishing

Other Stuff I’ve Done or is coming soon….

Awarded 2019 New Voices Fellowship to Emerging Writers Festival

Reading at The Cleveland Drafts 2019 Literary Festival-October 2019

Arc City Stories: A Cyberpunk Anthology-buy the book/read my interview

Writers Boot Camp– Sponsored by Borderlands Press-Winter 2020

Ladies of Horror Fiction Grant Recipient 2020-I won a thing!

Are you busy on October 30th? Because I’m gonna be freaking people out on a podcast!! Stay tuned for more details.