about me

inspired by richard matheson’s, “Blood Son”, tracy began writing short stories as a teen. her other literary inspirations include: charles beaumont, rod serling, mary sheldon and poppy z. brite. tracy loves to write about dystopias, the supernatural and things that are a bit off kilter. she infuses her writings with Southern superstition and elements of voodoo, as influenced by her Southern heritage and roots. one of her stories, “the crossroads demon” was published in devolution z magazine. she self-published her book, “sonder” on amazon in july 2016. she has had work published in anthologies including “summer shorts” and “the big book of bootleg horror”. she was awarded the “accent prize 2016” held by boston accent literary journal. she is an active participant in national novel writers month and has just completed several short stories for a cyber punk anthology. she looks forward to publishing her second book, “monachopsis” soon. she is an active member of the “horror writers association” and “ladies of horror fiction” and the Capitol Hill Writer’s Group in Washington, DC.

In August 2019, she was chosen for an Emerging Writers Fellowship.

born in cleveland, ohio, tracy moved to washington,dc in 2006. she works as a technician for dc public library. she hoards thrillers and graphic novels.

when she isn’t writing after midnight, she enjoys cooking food with lots of butter, comic book discussions and going on misadventures planned by her daughter.

she also has a penchant for memorizing movies. “aliens” and “excalibur” are her favorites.