Let’s Talk About Music

I love music. I love all types of music. I can get down to whatever you want…okay?

When I write, I like to be in a mood. I’ll make playlists on Spotify to put me in that specific mood. One of my newer and more favorite playlists is when I’m writing about hoodoo. (No, I’m not gonna outline it for you…sheesh.)

Anywho, here are some of my favorite hoodoo writing songs. (I guess you can use them for voodoo too…)

Tracy’s Hoodoo list (excerpt)

Basin Street Blues -Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Conjure Woman Blues-The Hushes

Sister of the Moon-Fleetwood Mac

Season of the Witch-Lana Del Ray

The Root-D’Angelo

Voodoo-The Neville Brothers

Baron Samedi-The Dead Brothers

Till It’s Done (Tutu)-D’Angelo

Me and the Devil Blues-Robert Johnson

Fauxlero (Bolero De Revel)-Jeff Russo, Paco Rodrigo

Simmer-Hayley Williams

La Patilla-Res, Al Guetta

get it boy..I’m a comin’


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