What’s Up With Me

Well, this is the part where I’m supposed to have a page on my blog about what’s going on in my writing. I think it would be better if I just added these little docs once in awhile. Even if I tried, my brain is going 100000 miles per hour and I would not be able to accurately represent myself with an iota of common sense.

Oh Thomas…you’ve got it so right and wrong

Now, I am working my way backwards and forwards through some old edits. I have a million stories I’m working on, but let’s just do some generic info here:

  • zombie apocalypse novella-I need a better beginning. The novella flows, the beginning sucks.
  • hoodoo stories-still doing research and writing
  • practicing to not sound like an idiot on upcoming podcasts (be yourself-you will regret those words)
  • the Mandela effect-working on and redrafting
  • another 80’s black Scooby Doo gang story-I was asked to contribute to an anthology
  • finding a place to put my little cult story I wrote. (yo-cults are fascinating! I don’t care what you say.)
  • learning how to stop vibrating, even when I’m sitting still
  • last, but not least, doing all the disco songs on “Just Dance” with my kid before I head back into work.

I also will have my second dose of vaccinations by the time this is published. And I shall feel like a Star Belly Sneetch.

star belly sneetches are snobs
We’ve got stars on ours. We have no scars. (Me and my kid)

Now, there are quite a few vaccination spots open. Go get yars and get the stars!!


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