Cut the Bull…Ain’t No Excuse

I hear the whining. I hear the blah blah and I think sometimes writers live to come up with reasons not to write.

“I’m feeling overwhelmed…”

“It’s this damned pandemic…”

Stop. Just stop. If there’s nothing for you to write, there’s always something for you to read and I’m about to give you a gigantic heads up on all that shit.

I’m on a true crime kick. And I’m going to school. And I’m raising the last kid. And I’m trying to be a good aunt/sister/daughter. Thus, I have no time for your bullshit excuses.

Below, I will give you some links to some interesting shit. Get lost in the rabbit hole of research and I mean let yourself get lost. If none of these works for you-get some edibles and watch Cartoon Network. You’ll come up with something.

Do you know anything about outsider art? Now, you do. Tell me a story about how one of these people came up with their art. Even tell me a story about the art.

I stepped on a rake once. Inbetween thinking about how funny it was in the cartoons, but not really real life, I cried a bit. Then, I stepped back and stepped on it again. Like an idiot. I, however, am not dead. Here’s some stuff about death. If I’m not careful, I’ll make this list.

Don’t give me grief over Buzzfeed articles. They compile some pretty interesting lists. Like this. I mean imagine being buried with two legs, then they find your leg, so…uh who’s leg was in there or do you leave it alone?

Bruh…force fed honey and let the animals eat you slowly…who comes up with this shit?

This will legit give me nightmares. I had no clue it existed.

Oh, you want more? Eat ya friend. Or you can just eat.

You can also die happy. Although with my fear of heights, I’d just outright die when I get strapped in. I can’t imagine riding this to the end. Like, who thinks of this stuff?!

I’ve given you eight rabbit holes to travel down. Get going and let me know when you come back because I’ll be down here, waiting for you.



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