Shocktober or 30 Days of Paranoia

I shall profess my love for all things horror and watch a horror movie a day for the month of October. Why not 31? I have a reading and I’m reading my own horror, problem solved.

Besides, we can’t go trick or treating. We really can’t do much in this pandemic and honestly, I don’t trust half the people out here to self isolate.

Ahhh…this was a good one
Heard this compared to “Get Out”…we will see…
I love Spanish and Korean horror because they do it right! I watched this movie three times and each time saw something I didn’t see before.
Metamorphosis-Korean horror movie about possession. I do love a good possession movie. Also movies about spirits in churches, kids in horror movies, more psychological than blood splatter. But a good bloody splatter is good once in awhile.

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