Are You Okay?

Who knew three words could have such significance?

My kid is genetically enhanced and she and I do a daily check in. I learned that at her former school-Junior High-they had this note on their desks/work areas. It looked like several index cards put together. It was laminated and big enough to see on all the work spaces from anywhere. Three words:

Are you okay?

Once a day, she will sense something and ask me, “Are you okay?” Somehow, her little voice brings perspective to everything I’m doing. I take a moment to stop and self evaluate. I come into the moment.

“Mom’s okay. Are you okay?”

A few years ago, my sister and I went to our youngest sister’s midnight party. It was out of state and my kid stayed with my brother in law and his two kids (with my sister). He was having a rough time with someone following directions (house full of kids under 13 at the time…yeah). So, my kid waits until he’s alone and sitting down. (He said he was tired). She walked over and asked him, “Are you okay?”

He said that one little expression…one small question really helped him in that moment.

While you are doing Nanowrimo, here’s the secret-lean back in your chair, once in awhile and ask yourself, “Are you okay?” You can even call up someone or ask a stranger across the table at a write in, “Hey, are you okay?”

You’d be surprised at how it works wonders.

The infamous “Are you okay?” from my kids desk.
It is now on my fridge with my magnet from Italy.

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