The Problems of Being Vertical

I have horrible allergies. My sneezes are like full body assaults. My body gives up and quakes with muscle spasms. One would think I have the flu, but no, just allergies.

My allergies would kill The Rock. Destroy him.

And that’s why I am having great difficulty being vertical today. I have things I need to do-homework (lesson planning), queries, hunting for agents but my body has other ideas. It wants me to stay horizontal, let the snot ooze down the back of my throat and make me sound like an old man.

You’ll see. I’ll get these allergies. I’ll get them good and query several publications today. I even made a list. I’ll get my homework done and I’ll even play Uno with my kid. (She will basically serve my ass with a few Draw Fours and Reverses…at least she knows). And I will make dinner.

Muy complicado, but it will be done.

And tonight, I will die. But not without accomplishing something today.

To hell with these allergies.

a formerly happy woman smells a flower and her allergies hit her full time and she is now miserable.  not unlike myself.

One thought on “The Problems of Being Vertical

  1. I developed allergies late in life and am still amazed at the things they do to my face, head, throat and nose. They are so awful!! I feel for you, darling.


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