Why I Write

My sister told me to write the story I want to read.

Whenever I’m stuck or simply not feeling it. I always hear those words in the back of my head. Even after spending hours on Pinterest looking at other Writer’s Boards or reading old stories I’ve started and never finished, it all comes down to one thing: movies.

I am a movie buff. I can tell you that Dumplings is a movie I wish I wrote. I think that DC has the better animated canon than Marvel but I appreciate them both. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is way better than Fullmetal Alchemist. I know all the words to Aliens. A movie I thing everyone should see is, A Day Without a Mexican. I prefer independent movies like Series 7: The Contenders, The Babadook, Stake Land over bloated movies like “Insert Any Movie Remake”, The Dark Tower Or Fury Road (how do you call a movie Mad Max and the main character has less than 10 lines, let alone 10 words). These are my choices and I have zero apologies.

As I washed dishes today, I was reminded of why I write. I watched a movie and let me just go over a few things I’ve seen in the last few days:

Black Male Doctor that takes multi ethnic intern under his wing because he’s secretly rooting for her. Oh yes, he’s mean but that’s because he cares.

Black Girl that Saves the Day-movie protagonist lost her memory and despite being all of two years old, little black girl has perfect memories and talks about them like she was older at the time (and she was only two, I mean, hell-now, she’s eight!)  and saves the day. She helps the protagonist remember who she was, despite protagonist getting the shit knocked out of her for over 90 minutes. I’ve never seen an eight year old child look at pictures of themselves as a baby and remember everything that was said around her, about her and by her.  Sheesh.

Sexy Asian Sex Worker that solves murders but can only do so showing you her full naked bush and smeared make up. She works in a sex club (she is a sexy asian exoctical worker, right?) and she runs with her robe open, titties flailing.  Rrrrighttt.

Gay Friend that touches the protagonist’s white shoulder and says, “You should believe in you.” All becomes right with the world and they hug.

Racially Ambiguous Girl that’s not quite black but not quite white but dates white boyfriend and dumps him to find herself. She ends up dating black and everyone laughs and is happy. Fade to black.

Any Spicy Latina starring in the role of chola, gang banger, sexy bitch or whatever Latino stereotype you can think of. But she always got them eyebrows and is muy picante. Maybe her sister is the bad ass in the gang.

Magical Black Best Girl Friend-She stands by while white friend gets herself together with Magical Black Friend’s advice.  Magical Black Best Girl Friend does not have any friends and waits up late at night for white friend to come home from wherever she was and hangs on her every word. She offers more advice and they hug. White friend gets it together and moves on. Hugs Magical Black Best Girl Friend/Sista Friend and drives off into the sunset. Also see Magical Negro.

Culturally Awake/Woke White Person with dreads and black partner. They are so woke that you want to question your own wokeness. But wait! They are super cool and bohemian. They dance on the downbeat and cook some mean collard greens. They also have dreads but it’s cool because they so damned woke. They can get down with any crowd, including that gang banging group of Latinos that just need some love. They also speak whatever language is necessary to save their ass.  So, let them offer the hombres some love.

There is also White Guy With Heart of Gold that Helps Ethnic Groups or People in Trouble and Non-threatening Black Guys.

I could go on, but remember, this was only the last few days.

I write because I like to have a black female protagonist that owns shit. She owns the scene, she kicks ass and everything else. Not only that but maybe she’s mixed (Black and Mexican, Black And Japanese). She may be based on someone I dated or knew. Actual real life people I know and include in my stories in very sly ways.

Don’t give me that shit about, “Well, you’ve got ‘XYZ Vampire Killer’ or the fact that so many Black writers are expanding genres. I get it. But this is about me. This is also about other girls like me that hated not seeing themselves or people like them reflected in stories.

This is the part where I’m supposed to say some shit like, “Well, fuck the fame as long as one person…” Um, no. I want the checks cut to me, I want my shit made into movies and I want to be that famous recluse that people see and thank with a head nod. (I will be with my kid in public and she doesn’t talk much but we are working on it.)

I write what I want to read. I write what I want and I stand by it.


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